Junior Year Comes to a Close

With a Rainbow Sunset Time and time again I'm amazed by how beautiful this campus, and the world itself, really is. I was walking back to my dorm today and had a happy accident; as the sun once again set on Appleton, I had the pleasure of seeing the light reflecting off the Nipple of … Continue reading Junior Year Comes to a Close



Banana Boy Banana bread drives me bananas!Let's break bread over the bananigans of the past few months.This banana bread ain't crumby at all (the plate is all crumbs, no actual bread, to tell the truth) I would appeal to the appeallate court of bananas to forgive my pithy transgressions regarding that which is the banana,

Executive Function and my Autism Spectrum Disorder

Throughout college I have become increasingly aware of my autism and its effect on my perception of the world. Gradually adopting adult tasks has exacerbated problems associated with my neurodivergence that were otherwise left alone in childhood. One facet that I think is particularly important to discuss in autistic adults is that of executive function. … Continue reading Executive Function and my Autism Spectrum Disorder

Poor Students, Rich Presidents

Among the myriad benefits of a college education, perhaps one of the largest barriers to a fulfilling student experience is debt. Although college is advertised as the ultimate bridge to future opportunities, it is certainly possible to get by with a trade job. Colleges and universities offer a package of professional development, safety, and services, … Continue reading Poor Students, Rich Presidents

Crafting Narratives for Opportunity

In my cultural anthropology course, we read about a group of Somali-Bantu refugees who immigrated to the US after fleeing a civil war in their home country, Somalia. Along their journey they faced various obstacles to resettlement, which they overcame by crafting narratives of utter helplessness and displacement. These stories confirmed the preconceived notions held … Continue reading Crafting Narratives for Opportunity