Company-Worker Relationships and Layoffs

As late stage capitalism continues to develop, companies will continue to try to expand into new markets and decrease expenses, thereby maximizing profits. When times get tough, a common strategy is to lay off workers deemed as expendable to the company's normal operations. This is true in any sector. That being said, the arena of … Continue reading Company-Worker Relationships and Layoffs

A Love Letter to my Friends

With the academic year grinding to a halt, accompanied with a plethora of goodbyes, I find myself sentimental. As someone staying at my university for the summer, I send all my friends off as they return to their homes in faraway places. It's easy to sink into lamentations and nostalgia trips, but it's better to … Continue reading A Love Letter to my Friends

The Myth of Crony Capitalism

The political landscape under capitalism is constantly changing and evolving. A hundred years ago, the United States was just another industrial nation in the world. After countless wars, invasions, acts of terror, and economic crises, it is the current global empire. Today the country--and the world in general--is seeing a rise in fascist tendencies which … Continue reading The Myth of Crony Capitalism